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Men's Golf Club

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Wickenburg Ranch Men’s Golf Club (“WRMGC”)
Inaugural Board of Directors
2018 and Fiscal 2019
 During the remainder of 2018 and the WRGMC Inauguration year of 2019, the affairs of the WRMGC shall be governed by a Board of Directors (“Board”) consisting of nine (9) Directors who are comprised of Club Committee members who were elected in early 2018 by the then existing membership.  Henceforth, Directors will be elected in late 2019 for the year of 2020 according to the rules set forth in the club’s published Bylaws.

Gary Costanti – President,, (925) 237-0692

Bob Franck – Vice President,, (760) 751-5349

Ed Lee – Secretary,, (303) 549-4013

Ron Anderson – Treasurer,, (925) 784-1313

Mark Markham – Membership Director,, (623) 776-5304

Dan Cullen - Tournament Director,, (402) 210-5090

Rick Parkes – Thursday Play Director,, (701) 226-5258

Mike Burr – Handicap Director,, (928) 521-4722

John Reardon – Website Director,, (715) 612-4444